“Dear Daniel, May the Lord always be with you and your family! I met you last June, when I boarded FAITH. I thought it would be just a beautiful boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Instead, it turned out to be one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had with our beloved Lord.  I shall never forget your blessed boat FAITH, nor the wonderful sound of Agnus Dei being sung in Hebrew, or even the amazing feelings when I lifted my voice that day to sing “Here I am to Worship” and “How Great Is Our God”. I’m listening to your CD “Sailing on Faith” right now. It has become my favorite of all times, particularly your version of “Days of Elijah”. Each of your songs has spoken to my heart many times, in many different ways, exploding with joy and thankfulness for all the blessings God has provided for His Sons and Daughters.
Thank you VERY, VERY MUCH for the excellent work you’ve been doing for our Lord.”


“Hello Daniel, I want to tell you how blessed I was by your ministry. It was the highlight of my trip to Israel. Truly our Lord has blessed you. I pray for you and your group.”

“Dear Daniel, Thanks very much and thank you for your ministry on the Galilee. It was an awesome experience to worship with you and your crew.”



“Dear Daniel, I met you on FAITH on the Sea of Galilee. I have such wonderful memories of that ride. You are a wonderful witness to Jesus Christ our Lord!”


“Hi Daniel, I have been to Israel once and especially loved the Sea of Galilee and long to return there. God bless you for your ministry and your music. It brings one easily into His Presence and into a true spirit of worship.”


“Hello my brother, I worshipped Yeshua (Jesus) with you on FAITH in December. Thank you for your faithfulness in spreading the Gospel of our Lord Yeshua (Jesus).”


“Hi Daniel, I was on your boat with my church group. It is one of my fondest memories of Israel.”


“Dear Daniel, Thank you for your ministry to us when we were recently in Israel. Our time on the Sea of Galilee was full of glory, and we returned home with Israel in our hearts. We will never be the same. To God be the glory! Continue in your ministry — we look forward to returning one day.”


“Dear Daniel, Our trip on your boat is imprinted on our mind forever. You may not remember us, but we were a group of 17 persons from Canada in early March 2010. It was God’s favor that we got onto your boat. We praise HIM! We all agreed it was the highlight of our tour.”


Hi Daniel, I want to tell you how blessed I was by your ministry. It was the highlight of my trip to Israel. Truly our Lord has blessed you. I pray for you and your group.


“Hello Daniel, Our afternoon with you was the highlight of our trip – thank you so much.”


“Dear Daniel, The Sea of Galilee and our worship time with you was the most touching part of my trip. In fact, our pastor wanted each of us in our group to tell our congregation about our experiences in Israel and every single one of us said that. Listening to your CD’s brings it back to me. I will never forget that day as long as I live.
Hi Daniel, We sailed with you two years in a row. Your music on the boat and smooth sailing just opened the eyes of our hearts. The song you played called Angus DEI was the most heart-touching and spirit-moving song as we sailed along. It is still in my heart, and that’s been two years ago. I listen to it on your wonderful CD we purchased from you. The songs are all great, but HALLELUJAH is the most perfect song to start the boat ride. My Spirit just longs to get back to the Holy Land and listen to that song of praise as we sail along. Just wanted you to know how that song and the Spirit of Christ changed us forever. Thank you for the boat ride.”


“Dear Daniel, It was such a great privilege for me to have been on one of your boat tours a week ago. For me it was the highlight of our tour. I can’t describe what I felt on that boat, as if the peace of Jesus never left the sea of Galilee. You have an amazing talent, I can’t get enough of your music! I will definitely visit Israel again even if it is just to go out on your boat again and listen to your music live!!! It was definitely the most amazing worship experience ever!!”


“Dear Daniel, After being on your FAITH worship boat on the Sea of Galilee, I could not let too much time pass before writing and thanking you for one of the ultimate blessings on my tour in Israel. What a wonderful, glorious appointment by God that day. At the time, I could have been worshipping the Lord for hours with all of the believers out on the lake where Jesus performed miracles and taught so many people. What a privilege to be on FAITH led by you, Messianic Jews, who led us into such a precious, beautiful worship time with the Lord. I can hardly express how blessed I was….it was probably the highlight of my trip to Israel. I was filled with so much joy, it’s hard to express for its fullness. Thank you again for more than an amazing, Spirit-filled time!! I and many others on your boat were gloriously lifted up and forever blessed!!! P.S. I purchased two of your C.D.’s that day….singing along with them….reading the Hebrew words…attempting to worship along with you and all your team. May the Lord pour out over you many, many blessings as you reach out and bless so many along the way of your journey.”


Dear Daniel, The most uplifting part of our visit to Israel was our trip on FAITH! What an experience! Unforgettable! I thank the Lord for your ministry. What a blessing you are! May the Lord Himself bless you according to the blessings you bring to so many.


“Dear Daniel, My husband and I brought a tour group over from New Zealand during Sukkot. One of the many highlights for all our group was the 8 a.m. sailing over the Galilee with you and the annointed worship during the trip. When we watch the DVD my husband made of the tour, the boat crossing still brings back special memories. We are excited to bring another group over this year to share the experiences, teaching and people we love.”


Hey Daniel,  I wanted you to know what a blessing your CD Sailing on Faith has been to me.  A friend of mine who is recently back from a trip to Israel gave me a copy.  She and I sat in her van when I listened to it for the first time and I cried and we worshipped in the parking lot of a Thai restaurant.  I was so moved I told her I must have a copy so she gave me one.  I don’t speak or understand a word of Hebrewbut the music transcends language for me.  Anyway, I found your website and just wanted to thank you so much for your music.  It has certainly made an impact on me. God bless you!


“Dear Daniel, I just wanted to say hi and thanks for the boat tour last week on the lake! In our room close to the end of the trip, I was going through the videos checking the audio and when the video of you and our friend came up I was in tears. I didn’t realize the impact you made until days later, and that was certainly the highlight of my trip.  When we arrived home, I videoed our group and asked them what was the highlight of their trip and all of them said the boat ride on Galilee!! Although we went to so many places – Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Golan Heights, the Jordan River – they all brought up the boat ride. I’m sure I won’t be able to listen to your CD we bought without shedding some tears. Thanks so much for having us!!  It was absolutely AMAZING!!”


Hi Daniel, We loved the cruise and tour songs aboard Faith. It was a “goose-bump” inspiration always to be remembered and cherished. God be with you and bless you always! Thank you!


“Hi Daniel, I just stumbled onto a you-tube video featuring you singing ‘Amazing Grace’ in Hebrew while on a boat.  Your performance was brilliant!   I was so intrigued with you, I found your bio and was moved to tears.  Your testimony is powerful.  Thank you so much for sharing your story and your talents to the world.”


Hi Daniel, We had such a WONDERFUL time today on FAITH!  It was perfect in every way!  The men on your boat were so kind and took such great care of us! They played your beautiful music and all of my friends (including ME!) were sooo blessed!  I again felt the overwhelming peace and the sweet presence of the Lord that I always feel on the Sea of Galilee!  I knew that it would mean the world to my friends and they would never forget it!  Thank you for going to all of the work and trouble to make that happen for my little “group”. :) I appreciate it so very much! All God’s blessings to you and your family!


Dear Daniel, I was on your boat “Faith” and it was an amazing adventure!  The Sea of Galilee was rough that day, but our group had an amazing time!  I personally could have stayed out there on the Sea all day!  Thank you for that adventure! I also bought one of your CDs and really love it!  I would like to buy your new one and several of the first ones also.  I want to give them as gifts. God Bless you for what you do to share the Gospel!


Hi Daniel, Our group enjoyed hearing you sing “Our God is an Awesome God” when you took us out on your boat last week.  I would like to purchase a CD if you have that song on it.  Thanks for a memorable and inspiring time!


Hi Daniel,  We had the wonderful opportunity to sail with you on the Sea of Galilee last month and we purchased both of your CDs.  Thanks for an awesome experience and for the beautiful music that I listen to every day.


Dear Daniel, I was fortunate enough to be on “Faith” this past March.  It was a fantastic ride and your beautiful voice made it very spirit-filled.  I purchased “Sailing on Faith” but made the mistake of not buying both of your CDs offered.  I would like very much to find out how I could purchase your other CD.  Your music is played in my car now and it fills me with such peace and a sense of nearness to God.  Thank you for that.  I’m trying to learn the words in English and Hebrew to sing along with you.  Most uplifting.  Thank you and God Be With You.


Good Morning, Daniel, brother in Christ,  I am from Port Elizabeth in SOUTH AFRICA and I had the absolute privelage of coming to the Holy Land in
March 2013.  We sailed with you on FAITH and I bought your CD ‘Sailing on Faith’.  I listen to your CD over and over and over again, and each time I hear your voice, the Hebrew words, and your Love, I am so very moved and humbled.  Even when I am just driving in my car, I sing with all my heart and praise our Lord and Saviour with the tears pouring down my face! Your voice and passion to  serve is a Gift from our Lord God; in this way you are a blessing to Me (and many, many others).  I so love your ‘story,’ and even though I don’t know you personally, you are special to me, Daniel, as through Your Praise and worship, I am praising our Father.  For this, I am very thankful.  I have many English Christian CDs, but ‘Sailing on Faith’ is honestly the best CD I have ever owned.  So, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, Daniel.  May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly and may His face shine upon you.  Shalom aleykhem


Shalom Daniel and Friends,  I made the trip to Israel in March 2013, and was wonderfully blessed to have taken a ride with you on your boat, FAITH.  It was such a blessing in so many ways!  You sang so many of my favorite songs!  My heart resonated with your voice!  I tried to speak and worship Adonay in Hebrew through a CD I obtained here in the U.S.A. but it was very difficult until I could sing along [with your CD] in Hebrew, to the worship songs I already knew so well!  I want to express to you what a wonderful, marvelous ministry you and your boats have.  I listen to your CD all the time and join with you in praise and worship.  I want to greatly encourage you and your friends on FAITH, HOPE, and soon LOVE, too, to continue on!  Todah Rabah!  Adonay bless and keep you…as I know He will.


Dear Daniel, Without a doubt, the highlight of my tour of Israel last week was the boatride on the Sea of Galilee.  I am an American and have a passion (and concern) for my country.  When the American flag was raised with the Israeli flag, it touched my heart and began a time of worship I will remember the rest of my life.  Your voice, music, and songs were beautiful and heavenly.  It means so much to experience men of God expressing their love for the Messiah.  I listen to your music to and from work every day.  I am trying to learn the Hebrew words.  It is such beautiful, worshipful music.  I love the songs you wrote…simple yet passionate.